Accounting Services

Our greatest asset is the integral accompaniment of the client in order to facilitate the fulfillment of their formal obligations as well as active monitoring by economists, accountants and first level taxpayers.

Our professional team offers solutions to all those companies that contemplate outsourcing their accounting and financial needs, as well as the fulfillment of all their formal obligations by the hand of highly qualified professionals.


Accounting management

Augé Accountants’ mission is to offer a first class service that can cover all of our clients’ needs. We offer solutions to companies that are considering outsourcing both accounting and financial processes.


  • Accounting management – Registration of accounting entries

    We offer a comprehensive service for the registration of accounting entries and movements, in accordance with the Andorran General Accounting Plan.

  • Accounting management – Preparation and filing of annual financial statements

    The Andorran General Accounting Plan requires companies to present their annual financial statements from the end of the financial year until 31 July of the subsequent financial year. Likewise, depending on the turnover, periodic declarations of accrued indirect taxes must be submitted.


    Our team of professionals takes responsibility for preparing and depositing the annual financial statements with the competent bodies.

Accounting advice

We offer advice and global planning regarding the classification of accounting items in order to maximise the accounting value of the company, and the implementation of business strategies to optimise the tax burden of the various taxes.


  • Accounting advice – Interpretation of accounting standards

    Nowadays, companies operate in much wider markets, and their transactions are increasingly complex. Therefore, in order to operate in international markets or to deal with global transactions, companies must work with different accounting standards.


    The team at Augé Accountants can advise on the interpretation and application of the new accounting standards, following the multiple updates of the Andorran General Accounting Plan.

  • Accounting advice – preparation and review of financial statements

    Accounting controls are methods and procedures that help a company to ensure the accuracy and validity of its financial statements. Furthermore, the greater demand for transparency and accountability on the part of directors and executives entails the need for companies to strictly comply with the standards to which they are subject.


    Adequate internal controls over financial reporting allow these requirements to be satisfactorily met. Additionally, the accounting planning implemented by our professionals guarantees a true and fair view of the company’s financial position, thereby maximising the accounting value of the company in the cases that the law allows it.


    Augé Accountants provides transaction accounting advice, technical accounting support, both in the adoption of new standards and in the preparation of merger and acquisition transactions. We provide reporting structures for holding companies and advise on the accounting and tax impact of corporate restructurings.

Corporate reporting

In accordance with mercantile, fiscal and accounting legislation, transparency standards allow us to offer a clear and concise view of the company’s financial position. In this sense, our professionals help the client to prepare financial reports that are able to offer a reliable opinion of the company’s true status to partners and potential investors.


  • Corporate reporting – Financial reporting

    Setting up an internal periodic report is necessary for proper business management. This reporting makes it possible to offer a real and up-to-date view of the company’s financial status. Detailed financial control enables business groups to carry out proper planning and optimise their opportunities.

  • Corporate reporting – Due diligence

    Our knowledge of accounting valuation methods allows us to offer valuation services and feasibility estimates of business projects. Therefore, in order to offer added value, we analyse all possible alternatives in order to determine the most appropriate scenario for legal, fiscal and asset purposes.

Regulatory compliance

We inform the client of the best practices required by our legislation and provide extensive experience in compliance. We draw up plans on the feasibility of regulatory compliance based on the type of operation, assessing possible tax contingencies and limitations in the banking sphere.

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